Highlighted Projects

Riverbend Subdivision- Bluffton, SC

Bluffton, SC is generally near the mean sea level (MSL) which is why this project was so interesting.  All ten ponds tied into each other and created a storm water outlet, but surface elevation rose and fell with the tide.  Regardless of the surface elevation, we were able to map the floor through approximately 0.43′ of organics to the sediment surface.  Thus, giving the subdivision a true description of the remaining capacity of their storm water drainage.

Dorchester Rd Stormwater As-Built- Summerville, SC

Similar to Bluffton, SC, a majority of this project was within a few feet of mean sea level (MSL).  This makes accuracy paramount.  GPS coverage was limited by tall trees and low lying areas.  H&M Surveying recognized this concern and was able to maintain accuracy throughout the project by switching between GPS and robotic instrumentation.

Pleasant Ridge- Marrietta, SC

H&M provided the topographic data needed to design upgraded facilities for Camp Greenville.  Being in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains made this project quite notable.

Reedy River Tunnel Dig- Greenville, SC

This project is on-going.  H&M Surveying, LLC is providing construction support surveying for a primary utility line being tunneled under Greenville, SC.

Rhett Street Hotel- Greenville, SC

This project is on-going.  H&M Surveying is providing construction stakeout for this 11 story hotel.